Name Mats S.
Age 14 years old
Registered 4 months ago
Events participated 1
Flying style Racing / Freestyle
Flying level Intermediate
Owned drones 0
Events organized 0

About me

I started flying in March 2021 and most of the time i have flown in my backjard. I have also flown with a friend that's been flying a couple years longer then me. And i have learned some tricks from him.
Now i also build another drone and that thing looks a lot more like a racing drone than my first one.
So i tried to race it in my backjard(i have raced in liftoff but that's really something else than in real life)
And i licked it so i searched for some racing events near Aalter. I passed my flying exam online but i haven't received my certificate because i turn 14 in November. I hope that isn't that big of a trouble :).
Ofcourse i am not racing if i am in school or exam periods but in the weekends i would love to race/fly!